Announcing Our New Branch Opening!

EliteOne Management Group is pleased to announce that we are opening a new location. At the helm of this venture is our Owner, Erik. We’d like to share some facts about this determined young man.

Now, 19-year-olds generally don’t get to run their own businesses, but Erik is pretty exceptional. He’s proven since day one that he has what it takes to be in charge of a growing enterprise like EliteOne Management Group. Erik started off at the entry level with Precision Innovation Group. There, he absorbed all of the knowledge he could on their business model. He worked alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry. These coaches served as his mentors, guiding him through each step as he moved from a newcomer to a full-fledged entrepreneur.

Erik is always ready to learn, a trait that’s paramount in the interactive marketing world. Whether it’s a technique, something about a service or product, or simply how to be overall better at all that he does, Erik is first in line when it comes to knowledge transfer and quickly adapts his strategy to be more effective. Add in that he LOVES to read, including classical literature, which expands his mind in a number of ways.

Among the characteristics that give Erik a big edge in this world are he’s articulate and loves to engage people in conversation. He’s a hands-on leader, both in delivering results and helping each member of his team reach their fullest potential, as he continues to climb higher every day.

Stay posted on Erik’s big moves by checking out EliteOne Management Group’s Newswire.