Growth Is Both Our Goal and a Company Value

Growth is more than just a company objective for us; it’s a value that informs EliteOne Management Group policies and operating procedures. We promote internally, for example, because we know the value of giving ambitious professionals room to advance in their careers.

This, in turn, creates room for us to bring new team members on board, and immerse them in our EliteOne Management Group training program. This puts them on the career journey of their choice, and the flexibility of our program lets them move forward at the pace they choose. We provide the tools and knowledge to support growth, and then provide advancement goals for motivation.

As our associates evolve, our company grows too. The number of recent promotions, for example, has created momentum in our organization that is sure to impact our fourth quarter numbers positively. As we surpass our company objectives this will attract more brands to join our portfolio and inspire us to explore new markets for our interactive marketing campaigns.

The secret to growing, both as individuals and as an organization, is to help team members cultivate a growth mind-set. This is accomplished by a commitment to continual learning, embracing feedback, being happy for others when they hit their goals, and good old-fashioned grit.

There are other cultural elements that we focus on as well to create an office environment that values growth.